#7 Useful Gifts A Blogger Actually Want

Birthday Gift Ideas for Blogger friends

bloggers birthday gifts

Oh! Yeah you are looking for perfect gift ideas to make a blogger guy happy. Don’t worry here I am going to list out some interesting and outstanding gift ideas that makes a blogger happy.

Blogger, yeah this word sounds interesting but this is not only to create a free blogspost blog and write your daily routine. Blogging is something, once you taste it truly, you become addicted to it. This is not only a time pass, there is hell lot of opportunity to learn and EARN. Earn sounds awkward for newbie but if you are in this field you know it very well.

Blogging provides you an opportunity to groom yourself, to get updated yourself with world, to build a self-confidence, to get opportunity of entrepreneurship (even blogging itself is an entrepreneurial work) and much more. There are many people in blogging industry who earns millions of dollar per year through blogging and internet marketing.

Let me introduce myself first because this is necessary to get in touch after this article also. My name is Bablu Yadav a mechanical engineering student from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Oh sorry, my 8th semester exams already over it means officially I am a mechanical engineer J but it doesn’t meant that I am not a student. Each and every person of any age who are curious to learn the things is a student (this is what I believe).

When I was in 10th standard, I want to be owner of a website. This three words WWW.EXAMPLE.COM makes me crazy every time but coding and other stuff was impossible at that time for me. The main reason was the lack of resources and all. When I came to 11th standard, I got the knowledge of blogger.com and created my first blog as every newbie does but I was not satisfied with www.example.blogspost.com. I want only www.example.com.

In 2012 I got admitted in an engineering college in mechanical engineering branch and the first year goes as usual. That ragging (not harassment and all, it was just fun), study, assignment, mid-terms, semesters and all. The same routine was in second year also, I was busy in all fucking nonsense.

It was the month of January 2015, one of my friend created a website and shared his link on Facebook. I got crazy again and contacted him. His name is Tarun Rawat (you can also visit his website www.tarunrawat.net ) and he is most helpful person I ever find. I discussed with him and at that time I had no knowledge that we can earn from websites also.

He helped me a lot to setup my first custom domain on blogger platform. My first blog was www.youtpoetry.com where I use to publish my own written Hindi Poetry. So I continued with my poetry over there. Now the task was, how someone knows about my website/blog. So I started with Facebook promotion, shared my links on Google plus profile and other social media but there I can get few visitors daily.

One day I was looking for “how to get visitors on website “and the new term came to me, it was SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I learnt about it and asked to friend he cleared all basic doubts. I started learning about SEO and after 6th month’s my website was on 1st position in Google on keyword “Teachers day poetry in Hindi, Teachers day quotes in Hindi, Teachers day shayari and many keywords”. This 6th month’s hard work paid me $320 through Google AdSense.

From my past experience here I am going to present you few cool gift ideas that you can give on a blogger birthday.

Useful Gifts Ideas for Bloggers



gift ideas for blogger

Backlink is something that support your website in Google eyes. I easy way we can say that a backlink is vote to your blog in Google ranking election. LOL! I know you are laughing this time but it’s true. A blogger always finds a way to get backlinks from authority sites. I don’t think that there is any other best gifts ideas that makes a blogger happy. So provide a contextual link to your blogger friend on his/her birthday.


Premium themes:

gifts for blogger guy

Another perfect gift idea is here that a blogger really wants. When the blogging person is a newbie than this is obvious that he is not going to spend $50 to buy a wordpress theme for his blog. Definitely he will choose free themes but many of them has limitation to access and customization. So a premium wordpress theme would be a better gift idea for blogger’s birthday.

Premium plugins:

gift ideas for blogger guy

WordPress has great features that you can customize your design and layout through plugins only. You do not need to play with codes like blogger platform. Many times happens that free plugins does not fulfil the whole requirement of blogger in that case if you can provide him premium plugin, you will become most dearest to him/her J.

Backlink lists of past events:

gift ideas for internet marketer

 In case of event bloggers, they are always looking to spam the world ;). If you can provide him a tool to spam it, you will be dearest in his/her eye. Make the list of your backlinks in txt file and mail him/her before 20 days of event. Now you can imagine the happiness of your spammer friend J .

Cracked Long Tail Pro:

cracked long tail pro ltp-gifts for bloggers

Before starting any blog, keyword research is most important part. If your keyword doesn’t have competition, you can rank it in few months only with good On-Page and social shares only. But for that you must have to do keyword research. Log Tail Pro is one of best software for keyword research which give you many of details about a particular keyword at single place. (I don’t rely blindly on tools only, I do manual research also). So provide the cracked version of log tail pro to your blogger friend on his birthday and look for reaction J .


Premium Case Study:

premium gifts for bloggers

Case study is a detailed process of any task. Case study is really helpful which gives the whole details of strategy. A case study covers from start to end and this is the reason why everyone does like. Many times happens that big players does not provides their case study in free or it may possible that your blogger friend is not aware about it. In that case you can go with case study as the birthday gifts for him.


Expired Domains:

expired domains- birthday gifts for bloggers

Are you agree with this? Obviously you do. PBN (private blog network) is trending nowadays in market and for that good quality expired domains required for fast and better result. PBN’s are actually your blogs but in Google eyes this is own by different peoples. From these blogs we actually get contextual links to rank our money site.

If you can provide few good quality expired domains to you blogger friend than you will becomes amazing person in eye of your friend and his/her blog will become a trusted site in eye of Google. So take a try with these gift ideas for blogger friend.



I hope you are cleared about these funny but precious gift ideas for blogger friends. If you can provide only those gifts to any person that he needs it badly, you will become more dearest in eye of his/her. If you love these gift ideas or you find these as funny gift ideas then please share it with your friends and also suggest if you have better gift ideas than this. Your comment and suggestions are most welcome.

Thanks! Cheers!


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  1. Thnks for this wonderfull gifts ideas for blogger.one more gift idea u can add how to make a hit event blog

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