7 Unique Farewell Gift Ideas for Colleague/Coworkers

Farewell gift ideas for colleagues: It became very hard if someone leave who work with you very closely and longer duration. This become very tough to say goodbye to him/her with you for longer. It many time happens that in those duration he/she helped you in many circumstances and I think this bond makes your feelings more emotional. When the day comes to say goodbye, it becomes most difficult to handle your tears. A farewell is a great way to say thanks, appreciation and love to the colleague who leaving the place. Today I come with a nice article titling with “farewell gift ideas for colleague” in which you will find some nice suggestion about farewell gifts ideas for co-workers. In last article I have posted about farewell gift ideas for college seniors. If you need then please check it out.

Farewell gift ideas for colleague


In many workplace I have seen that people gives a goodbye gift for coworkers as a token of respect. It is a good ideas to pool resources with other mates and choose a cool gift in group, or if you are perfect by your own just go for it. In both way, I think this will a good method to greet your colleague who leaving you. Choosing a perfect leaving presents for colleagues is really a tough task for anyone because you cannot avoid other things like:

  • What he or she likes. (I am telling about His or Her Hobbies).
  • How stronger your relationship with him or her.
  • What your other mates planning to gift.
  • How much your budget. Etc.

For the latter, while you don’t want to buy a gift that looks cheap, it also may be inappropriate or beyond a budget to purchase a more pricey gift. The cost of the gift doesn’t matter as much as the thought and effort put into choosing the gift. Often the best farewell gifts are ones chosen specifically for the individual rather than offering a generic gift. Specially chosen gifts are usually the most touching and treasured.

Here I’m presenting you few nice ideas for farewell gifts you can share with a co-worker before he or she moves on to the next journey of his or her life/professional career:


Alarm Clock:


The most precious gift is time, it cannot come back. So what you say about alarm clock as a farewell gift for colleague. This will be a cheap and best gift ideas for coworker because either he or she moving towards professional life and it will help him/her a lot at many places. If your coworker mostly come late to the office then nothing would be perfect gift than this. It will helpful for him/her daily life also and will ping him about you. Every morning he/she will going to remember if alarm bells.

What are you thinking now? Just move towards and buy any good alarm clock for your coworker. I think this would be a perfect farewell gift for coworker to say goodbye.


Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug:

special farewell gifs for coworker

What you say about this farewell gift idea? In my opinion this will another cheap and meaningful farewell gift idea for colleague. This will help him or her in daily life. This amazing insulated mug will quite good to maintain the temperature of your drink according to requirement. This keeps the drinks hot or cold according to your need.  If we make a list of meaningful farewell gift ideas for colleague then we cannot keep this Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug out from the list.

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Beautiful Pen Holder:

goodbye gifts for colleague

Pen holder is also a nice choice to include in your list while making a farewell gifts ideas for your intimate co-mate. It is obvious that every professional needs this. If you are under teaching professional then close your eye and put it in to your farewell gift ideas list. It is cheapest and most impact gift idea for you. Only one step you need, go to any shop or any online shopping website and buy a nice pen holder according to her/his hobbies, put some his/her favorite pens in to this, wrap it with beautiful cover and present at the time to say goodbye.

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Desk Decorating Items:

desk items for office

Personalized desk item is always preferable choice for any colleagues. If your colleague is moving due to better job opportunity or because of new promotion then it would be an awesome idea to gift some desk items to him/her. He or she will always looks to decorate the desk and every time your gift will be in front. Choose some cool gifts related to his or her industry like, special shaped paper weight, message jar, jar with flowers, desk calendar etc.

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Fast Speed Pen drives:


In today digital world the use of pen drives frequently occurs. Pen drives helps in data sharing from one computer to another and if you are in professional work then you understand better. This would be in the list of quite modern and meaningful farewell gift ideas for colleague. There are many fast speed data sharing pen drives available in market. USB 3.0 will more faster than USB 2.0, so buy a good brand faster pen drives for your colleague.


Beautiful Diary with Memorable Moments:

beautiful diary

Still many of people love to carry a diary to write his or her thoughts or special incident. So we can also include it in the list of farewell gift ideas. Wait I am not only telling you to just buy a diary and gift to your coworker. No! There is little change in plan. Buy a beautiful diary and put some memories in it which you spent with him/her. This would also a memorable moment for your colleague where ever he/he will go.


Framed Group Photographs:

memorable photographs

Memories never dies! True. If you really want something special then go through this. Yes this would be a really nice gifts for departing co workers. Just you only need to arrange a group pictures with your colleague on some memorable event or parties. Arrange such kind of photographs from anywhere you can easily find it on Facebook album of your friends. Take big printout of this group photograph and frame it in any beautiful wooden frame. Now your farewell gift is ready dear. Just wrap it in a beautiful cover and present it on the farewell party.

Final Touch:

I know this time for you is little hard but I had tried my best to put some meaningful content in front of you. I hope this post about ” farewell gifts ideas for colleague” will help you to choose a good farewell gift for your coworker. If you also have some special gift ideas about farewell or birthday gift ideas for colleague or boss then please put it below. This will very helpful for others to choose a right gift for anyone.



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  2. Can suggest a gift which should indicate to stop drining

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