Thoughtful 21st Birthday Gifts Ideas for Him

Hello gift ideas7 lovers, here I again welcome you to the world of gifts and presents ideas. We had wrote many articles previously on gift ideas, especially on birthday gift ideas. Last article was 21st birthday gift ideas for girlfriend and today gift ideas 7 came with another 21st birthday gift ideas but his is about female who always looks for something special to gift to him on birthday party. So best suite title is “thoughtful 21st birthday gift ideas for him”. I hope you will stop not reading this article because I’m going to include some unique birthday ideas her for your boyfriend.

Turing to the age of 21 is a milestone in a guy life as he is now matured enough. One of important change is that he gets legally approved for drinks and visit any casino in whole world’s 21st birthday celebrations gives the opportunity to go out for night club and drinks. If we come to 21st birthday gifts then it also play a memorable role in his life. This is hard to choose a perfect 21st birthday gift for guys because some may like drinks and some may not. So in this article of 21st birthday gifts for guys, I am proving some special gifts for drinkers as well as no drinkers.

 21st Birthday Gifts for him

Drinking 21st birthday gift ideas for guy:

21st birthday is the time when we say goodbye to teenage and welcome to adulthood. Apart from this, 21st birthday is another sign of holding responsibilities and to dream big.

Here I am going to provide you some drinking 21st birthday gift ideas which can you present to your boyfriend.

A Bottle of Champagne:

21st birthday gift for guy

Yes! This is a perfect drinking 21st birthday gift for guy, but make sure that he loves drinking. Champagne is a traditional gift which are usually present at adulthood parties. Get two bottles of champagne and decorate it beautifully. This a marvelous 21st birthday gift ideas for boyfriend/girlfriend. So take a try with champagne on his birthday.

Novelty drinking gifts:

Novelty drinking gifts is another cool 21st birthday party ideas that can be arrange from your side for your lover. One thing keep in mind that he is adult enough and legally approved to use the drinks in his parties. Wide varieties of novelty drinking gifts available to buy from frosted drinking glasses, mugs, funny beer signs, and hats, glasses that are personalized, cocktail shaker, martini glasses, 21 shot glasses, and reusable beer cups. You can give these items to him as presents or even display them around the party celebration.

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Aloha fruit punch:

You can also include some cocktail drinks for the birthday party. Here I am going to give you and method which you can use to make Aloha fruit punch for 21st birthday party.

Ingredients required:

  • ¾ cup of water.
  • 2 teaspoon ginger root, chopped.
  • 2 cup guava juice.
  • 1*1/2 tablespoon lemon juice.
  • 1*1/2 cup pineapple, finely chopped.
  • 1 cup sugar and 3-4 cups pineapple juice.

How to make this party drink?

This is quite simple to make this birthday party drinks for your 21 year old boyfriend. Just add ¼ cup water to ginger root. Boil it for 3 minutes and strain it. Add the liquid to the guava, lemon and pineapple juices. Make a syrup of sugar and remaining water. Now cool it. You are almost done with this awesome cocktail drink. Now combine with juices and pineapples and server it to your lover.

Non drinking 21st  birthday gift ideas for boyfriend:

It might be happen that your lover don’t love to drink so you can use these awesome and thoughtful gifts for his 21st birthday. Below I am listing you these thoughtful 21st birthday gift for him.

A Set of Books:

A 21 year old guy is going to complete the series of events like completion of graduation, facing interviews for jobs and participating in many social events for with professional clients. So my suggestion is why not you also helps him by providing a set of useful books that he uses in daily life. Somewhere it also came in his mind that you care about his future and your relationship become stronger. You can include the financial advice, importance of insurance, financial goals and dreams, interview tips, resume format and practical information in your set of gifts. Also include books on topics such as wine pairings, tips on body building etc. for boys and for girls on beauty tips, dinner recipes or tips on cakes and chocolate making etc.


Technology gifts:

Its 21st century my dear and each and every person is updated with latest technology. At the age of 21 most of boys goes to colleges or universities for their higher education. You can include some technology related gift on 21st birthday for him such as latest smartphone which are in craze int h market, pen drive that helps him in daily life, digital cameras that help him to capture each and every memories in college life, a laptop if you have good budget that helps him to keep in touch through video calls with families and you.

Buy Some Shares In His/her Name:

If we talk about thoughtful gift ideas for 21st birthday then we cannot eliminate this awesome gift idea from our list. If your guy interest belongs to finance field then this will be a perfect 21st birthday gift idea for him. This ideas offers many opportunities in future also. The youngster with little effort can invest and enhance his/her savings. In this way their entry into adulthood will coincide with their first financial investment and they will remember it always.

Silver Gift Items:

Due to their precision value, silver made gift items have a great charm. They are traditionally linked with 21st birthday. There is a cluster of different gift items to choose from, but priority should be given to the name and date engraved items. The choices are available from pure silver to silver plated products, as per your budget. You can choose from photo frame to a bracelet, a cuff link to religious lockets, glasses, mugs and many more

Awesome 21st birthday party ideas:

Throw a surprise party:

If you are in need of 21st birthday party ideas for him a surprise party will be a most amazing gift that he will never forget in his whole life. This celebration can cater for drinker and non-drinkers and for those who do participate in drinking activities provide mixed drinks, cocktails, and Jell O Shots. Many cocktail drinks are non-alcoholic to. In addition, for the minors in the group put stamps on their hands to ensure that no alcohol served to them keeping the party safe with no problems that may occur.

A Session of Personality Grooming Program:

In the list of meaningful 21st birthday gift ideas for men, a session of personality grooming program is an amazing idea. When a guy turns to the age of 21 he might have many qualities. Some of them are simply genius, some are brilliant, some are wise enough and few may have plenty of knowledge, but they all are crude, need honing and polishing. Turning 21 is the time to applaud these precious minds and give shape to these raw gems , to make them real gems so that they can bring to light, new facets of life.

The personality grooming helps the youngster in improving self-confidence, time management, authentic communication, self-motivation, art of first meeting, the etiquette of public places etc. A gift of personality grooming session is your minor, but a very important initiative to convert these adolescents to powerful conglomerates, responsible individuals, who can be a profit to the society.

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