Special Farewell gift ideas for College Seniors

Farewell gift ideas for College Seniors: So you are looking for some special farewell gift ideas for your college seniors. Here I’m going to list out some good farewell ideas to greet your loving seniors . When it come to choose a good gift ideas for farewell then it will little difficult to choose because that gift will be memorable for life long.

Every people miss their college life and this life never going to comes in life. These moments are really very special for everyone. All people share this life with next generation. I usually love to listen the story of my Dad college life.

This life give us the ideas about our future and our Friends and seniors play an important role in that.

Our seniors teach us how to behave with someone. One thing I really going to miss badly i.e.  Ragging. Yes!! People usually tell that ragging is bad thing but it partially incorrect. Somewhere I find that ragging help us out to learn the new thing, to communicate in adverse condition and many thing more. Yes physically and Mentally torture is really bad thing but in my life I never gone through this.

So leaving all these thing and come to our main topic i.e. Farewell gift ideas for seniors.

Here I’m going to give you a brief gift ideas about your seniors farewell with different flavor.. I meant different categories/Purposes:farewell-gifts

Farewell Gift ideas for College Seniors


Watches would be a great option for you to give it to your college seniors as farewell gifts. Watch is really lovely gift ideas for your college farewell to give it to your senior. This farewell gift looks professional and advantages of this is, you can choose even cheaper watches also. Here I’m providing you some cool and budget gift ideas for farewell party to give it to your senior. Just go with any watch, wrap it beautifully and present it on farewell party. Even you can use this as farewell gift for coworkers also.









If you want to make this farewell memorable then why not you are trying some funny farewell gifts for your seniors. Top Banana awards trophy would be a good option for you to present it as farewell gifts. You can get this funny goodbye gift at amazon. You can also visit the product page directly from the link given below.


Yes!! Memento is a really cool farewell gift ideas and it will be best if your place some special moment on that. Memento is that kind of gift which can presented at various places and in games also. But if you want to make the farewell memorable for your loving senior then print some special line on that or stick some memorable pictures which are captured with you and your senior on that. I think this gift is really going to create a memory in your seniors life because no one want to destroy the memorable moment and he will definitely going to decorate his/her room/office with that memento.






As the painting is the only pretty thing which everyone likes. A stunning paint on canvas no frame is available at amazon. I think this will be a perfect farewell gift for college senior and teachers also.  So you can grab this farewell gift from amazon and wrap it with beautiful cover.

Oil Painting ‘The Farewell Of Telemachus And Eucharis

When we comes to some special gift ideas for farewell then I don’t thing we should avoid this option. If you are painter then Balle!! Balle!!. Then I would strongly recommend you to this farewell gift idea. Just collect some photos from your senior Facebook wall and choose the best one. Now it’s your art, draw a best sketch of that memorable photo and make a beautiful painting for him/her.





Flowers is also a good ideas for Farewell. Just look for any good color for your senior and gift it to your college senior. Flowers is also a good gift ideas for boyfriend birthday and also for 21st birthday gift ideas for girlfriend. If you are planning to gift any female senior then I would strongly recommend this gift idea for her. Just think, If you are in love with her then go for a lovely bookies of flowers with her favorite colors.  If you would love then put some message inside the bookies if flower and gift it to her.





Lock Diary:

A unique 100% handmade lock diary is available on amazon that you can choose as farewell gifts for your lovely college seniors. You can go to the link given below at anytime to grab this lovely gift for your beautiful senior.

White Rose Decorated Heart Refillable Leather Journal / Diary / Lock / Red / Notebook 



If we talk about college life then I don’t think there would be any best stuff to gift apart from study material. And if we talk about the study material then we can’t forget the name of “Diary”. Yes!! Every people love the dairy and specially Archive Lock Diary. The main reason for that is he/she(specially she) love to write some personal memories(good or bad) in his/her personal diary and always try to hide it from others. If you will provide an option to hide his/her personal moment from other then I don’t think that is will be bad idea. So get a beautiful diary from any store and gift to your senior on farewell.







Here you can go with some beautiful bunch of pen for your farewell gift that you are going to give to your senior. If you want some cheapest farewell gift ideas, you will not find better than this. Here you will get collections of 100% unique and wonderful colors in variety of styles pens. The collection have Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, White, Black, Gold, Silver, Chrome, and many more non toxic and acid free,high quality pens for farewell gifts.




Pen is another cheap farewell gift ideas for college seniors and this is useful also. I’v seen many people who love to collect unique and beautiful pen. So go for any good and special pen to gift it. Personally I’v seen that girls usually loves the fashionable pen, so if your are looking for farewell gift for girl then never miss this.


Your Choice:


You have spend the whole college life with your senior. You know about the hobbies of your senior, and I don’t think that any good ideas to gift apart from him/her hobbies. I remember one incident of my college farewell, there was one of my senior who really very scared to bath. You will think what a shit I’m discussing but it was a funniest moment. On the day of farewell me and my friends planned to gift him Soap & Hair Cleaner. We bought s huge collection of conditioner and soap for him. At the moment of presenting the gift we collectively present these to him. People are looking curiously then we discussed about it why we presented this gift on farewell. All professors and Principal was laughing loudly.

So if you also want to make the farewell memorable then look for some funny gift for farewell.



In future we are going to update you all with best gift ideas for farewell and birthday. I you also have some unique gift ideas then please share with us to help others also. You can comment your ideas below or also message us on Facebook. Our page link is on right top corner of this website. Thanks again and enjoy!!


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  1. Thank you very much for these awesome gift ideas for farewell. I was very hungrily looking for some gifts for my seniors on farewell but this article by you have cleared it.
    I love your website about gifts ideas because all kinds of present ideas available here.
    Thanks a lot !

  2. Thank u a loooooooooooottttttt

    1. Thanks Rubli, Keep visiting here for latest wonderful gift ideas and party ideas.

  3. Ummm.. I have to gift something to 200 seniors .. What could it possibly be ? It should be cheap n nice at the same time … Pls suggest ! 🙂

    1. Your budget?

  4. I want to give a gift for 200 seniors suggest a gift worth about 300rps

    1. You can give a photo frame.. A single photo frame with everyone’s photo face(collage) in that.. It will be a memorable one.. To see everyone belong to a same class in a single frame

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