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List of awesome minute to win it games for party

minute to win it games

For longer time I was trying to write article about list of “minute to win it games” and today I am back with some cool list of last minute to win it games. I hope you are really going to enjoy this article because here I have listed 20 awesome last minute to win it games which are collected from different sources.

If you are celebrating any birthday party or any other party and want to make it more interesting and memorable then you must include some funny minute to win it games in your planning list. Minute to win it games are quite funny which could be played with children’s as well as youngster to make the party more memorable and special. I remember my college party, it was great fun with best buddies and the most attracting part was this i.e. minute to win it games because of each and every person were enjoying this. What we had made a list of guest as well as of our seniors who ragged (not harassed) more in first year. Let me clear that it was not ragging like “MY LORD, YOU ARE GREAT! ACCEPT MY GIFT” it was just some activities for fun and necessary also later on what we realize.

So we are ready with list of our targeted seniors, now next part was- what last minute to win it game should we execute with them? So we made another column of remark in our list and written some highlighting features of his/her activity or better we can say hobbies. This remark column gives us great ideas to execute the specific minute to win it game for a particular person. When the game was started, you will not believe, it was the best moment of that party.

So moving forward to give you best minute to win it games list that could rock your party as well.

Awesome Minute to Win it Games list

Cookie Face:

minute to win it games

Cookie face is the first minute to win it games in the menu. Believe me or not but cookie face is going to rock your party dude because you can see the different expression of many faces. The concept of this games is straight but it will tough for players. The mechanics is, Just to place a piece of cookie on the forehead of players and they have to take it in to his/her mouth with the help of face muscles only. They are not allowed to touch it by hand or other parts of body. Player have to complete this task in one minute only. Those who completed this task early who will be awarded as winner of that minute to win it game.

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Mad Dog:

This is another funny and interesting minute to win it game which you should try in your party. Wait if you are confused, I’ll explain it deeply.

What you need:

  • Two tic-tack boxes (Full)
  • A ruler

How to Play Mad Dog minute game?

Basically two players are required from your guest list who want to play it, even it can be played with many also. I’m moving with taking example of two players only. Both the players will have to place the ruler in his/her mouth vertically which means mouth at the center of the ruler. At the end side of each the ruler a box will be attached by tape or any other materials. Both the boxes should be attached as that it cannot move from their positions. Now each the players have to move his/her head in vertical direction and empty each boxes within one minute. That player will awarded as winner who empty the boxes within the time limit.

Rules to be followed:

  • Player should not allowed to touch the ruler with hand.
  • Players are not allowed to move their head vertically.
  • It should be moved by mouth itself only.

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Suck it Up:

stack it up-last minute to win it game

Suck it up is also a minute to win it game that can make your party more enjoyable. The mechanics is quite simple eventually you also knew it but truly speaking this game will be best on the track of music.

How to play this game?

Players have to place a straw in their mouth and have to transfer a 25 mm from one plate to another with the help of suction pressure generated in his/her mouth within one minute. It can be made more interesting if you choose one female member and another male and place those piles in single plate for both the players. Everyone have to eat their candy once round is finished. This minute to win it game will be best for three members fighting in single plate only.


  • Players must have to hold the straw by single hand only.
  • That member will be awarded as winner of the game who transferred more candy in their plate.


Noise Drive:

If you love to include a game which requires little brain than you should not skip this from you minute to win it games list. This is really a simple but funny and interesting game should be played in any birthday party.

What is required?

  • Some bowls.
  • Few cotton balls
  • Petroleum Jelly

How to play this Birthday party game?

Two bowls should be placed at the distance of stretched arms for two players. Now both the players have to put their nose in the bowls filled with cotton balls. Now the players have to drop the bowl from one to other with the help of his/her nose. That person is awarded as winner who putted maximum bowl within one minute.

Tips to win the game:

Don’t push too much nose to the cotton bowl because it will take time and cause problem while dropping it to next. Also not that much less which causes the problem in picking. If you want to win the game you must have to play it carefully.



funny minute to win it game for birthday party

Pong Tac Toe is one of most interesting game to play in the parties. I have seen at many places that even adults request to play it twice.

What is required to play this game?

  • Ping pong balls.
  • Three trays.

How to play this?

There is quite straight mechanics to play this but hard too also. It requires concentration as well as perfection. Now player have to bounce the ping pong balls to the tray in any direction within one minute. That person will be awarded winner who bounce maximum balls perfectly.


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Card Ninja:

If we talking about accuracy then card ninja is also fun games to play accurately. Obviously youngish is going to love this game in your party. This minute to win it game can be played between two or even three peoples.

What’s required?

  • New sharp cards.
  • Half watermelon.

How to play this minute game?

Assume that there are two players need to play this. So let those stands aside at the distance of 10 to 12 feet. Half watermelon needs to be placed facing the players. Now timer is setup for sixty seconds and players have to stuck their cards in to the watermelon facing him. That member will be winner who stuck maximum cards in watermelon within one minute.


Sticky Situation:

Sticky situation is another game which requires throwing and hitting skills. This is more similar to Card Ninja but within totally different format.


  • Bread
  • Peanut Butter
  • Ping Pong Balls
  • Small Table

Peanut butter have ability to stick light weight and tinny things like ping pong balls. The games revolves with ping pong balls while bread covered with peanut butter.

Just put a thick layer of peanut butter on the faces of bread slices and now place it on table. The players need to stand between some distance and throw the balls one by one which touches the bread. The one who successfully bounce the balls and able stick to bread, wins the game.


Scoop it up:

minute to win it game-scoop it up

Scoop it up is another popular from the list of minute to win it games because it funny also. What you need to do is, you have to transfer six ping pong balls from one bowl to another by using a spoon in your mouth in less than one minute. No hands should be used. Hands are allowed to use when you place the balls in original bowl after finishing the sixth.

Hut Hut Like:

Another game you should add in your list of minute to win it games. If you follow rugby or American football then you must aware about the term “long snapper”. This minute to win it game is inspired by same term called long snapper but played in little different ways.


  • Toilet papers and Standing hoop.

If two players  are playing the game then place a hoop at the distance of 15 feet to each players standing parallel. Their positions should be like long snapper with having toilet paper in hands. They have to throw the toilet paper one after the other to make it pass via their standing hoop. The winner is one who will puts more into the hoop.

Advice: If you don’t know about long snapper then please Google it to understand properly.

Nut Stacker:

minute to win it game for mechanical party

Another cool game is here that can be included in the party if it about mechanical people because they loves their branch relevant things. Thread five hex nut in to a wooden skewer. Using only one hand on the skewer, stack up all the nuts in one minute.


Bubble head:

Do you know about pedometer? If you know this then perfect because the concept of this game is based upon pedometer. If you have no idea about what pedometer is, then let me explain it first. A pedometer is an electronic device which helps gauge the steps you covered while walking of doing any physical activity. So it requires a pedometer to perform this game.

Stuffs required:

  • Pedometer
  • Headband

Each participator need to wear the headband with pedometer at the top of his/her head. Now the players have to shake their head up to 125 points. Those who reach the limit within one minute will be awarded as winner of this game.


Defy Gravity:

funny minute to win it game

Well this is another crowd favorite party game. What participator need to do is, he/she have to keep two balloons from touching the ground with the help of one hand only. If you want to make it more challenging then use three balloons at the place of two.


Moving On Up:

minute to win it games-movin up

If you are looking for minute to win it games for kids then this will be a perfect choice for you.

What required to play this game?

  • 1 Red Cups
  • 39 Blue plastic cup.

How to play?

To play this game you need 40 plastic glasses in which 39 are of blue in colour and 1 in red. The cup should be place in the form of stack (on upon another). It must be arranged in such a way that the Red cup is at bottom.

As soon the stopwatch starts, the participants needs to remove the cup from the top and place it at bottom. The participants needs to use single hand to place the one cup and then change the hand in next round. It means Left-Right-Left-Right… If any participant pickup two cup at same time then he have to start it again.

Truly your members will definitely love this minute to win it game for kids in the birthday party.


Stack Attack:

This is one of interesting game I found in the list of minute to win it games. What have to done, players have to stack up a pile of cups and then place back in to a single stack within a minute? The original version of minute to win it game is of 36 cups but you can reduce it up to 21 for kids. As the timer started, player need to make a pyramid of the cups at the table.


Junk in the Trunk:

Name of this game itself is funny and weird too. What you required to play this game is-

  • Eight Ping Pong balls.
  • Tissue Box.

Empty the tissue box and fill the all ping pong balls in this. Now you have to stick the tissue box at the back of players with the help of rope, belt or anything. As the timer starts the players need to shake their body to empty the boxes. The one who done this within one minute, wins the game.


  • Player can’t use his/her limbs, only the trunks should be shacked to empty the ball from tissue box.


I have putted my good effort to collect these funny minute to win it games list for you and I hope you really love these. If you are looking for minute to min it game for Christmas  or minute to win it games for office then these list will fulfill your demand. But if you still think that it can be improved more then please comment your suggestion below. Your suggestions will improve the ideas and helps to do more better in future. So please don’t forget to put your suggestions in comment box given below.

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