21st birthday gift ideas for her: 10+ Wonderful Presents ideas

So it’s little tough to choose a birthday gift for her because we need to care many things in mind before choosing a birthday gifts for girlfriend. Worry not my dear because Today I’m going to help you out regarding this. First and most important thing is that how old your girlfriend is? Is she 20- 22 year old? Yes !! So this article is for 21st birthday gift ideas for her.

AA 21 year old girl is matured enough and she will definitely like to explore more things by herself. She may loves to travelling or she may loves to explore herself in modeling. So it’s on you to first recognize about her interest and then select a best gift for her birthday.

So now I’m going to explore some interested categories for 21st birthday gift ideas for girlfriend.  But I would recommend you to first research about her hobbies and then choose the best gifts for her birthday. If you will gift something exactly what she likes then now you can imagine the limit of happiness.

21st Birthday gift ideas for her

girlfriend birthday gift ideas


Recommended 21st birthday gifts ideas for her

Here I’m mentioning some lovely categories and you need to match it exactly what she want?

Fashion related gift ideas for her:

Don’t be so stressed this is best categories which suits for every 21 year girls. When a girl turns towards 21st of age, she definitely inclined towards fashion. This is the age in which every teenagers are excited to explore themselves in the fashion. So I recommend you to choose some good stuff related to fashion and make her excited.

In fashion you can gift following stuff to her:


21st birthday gift ideas for her-shoes

Shoe will be a good option for you to gift it to your girlfriend. Whenever she will wear it then she gonna miss you..Aww!! Really this will best option to choose you. Just go and buy a good pair of shoe for her and gift it.

High Heels:

21st birthday gift ideas for her-highheels

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Now days high heels are in trending rather than shoes so why not you also choose it for her. I think every girls madly like High heels. On each and every step she gonna miss you dear. One more important point that this will be comes under cheap gifts categories. If you are looking for cheap gift ideas for girlfriend birthday then go through this.

Cosmetic boxes:

21st birthday gift ideas for her-cosmetic boxes

More than anyone you can better understand about your girlfriend that how she passionate about cosmetics. In the age of 21 each and every girls like this stuff. Even she not come out from the door without make-up my dear. Now think about it, she is passionate about something and you are providing the same stuff. My dear it’s awesome for you. Just go for it and feel the love truly after her birthday.


21st birthday gift ideas for her-jewelry

Jewelry is another stuff about which most of teen girls are passionate. Just observe your girlfriend, Does she like jewelry? If Yes then which kind of stuff she likes in Jewelry? If you find it then your problem has been solve to give 21st birthday gift for her. This will be little costly for you but no worry there is many Jewelry stuff available in the market for different budgets. Just choose one of them and gift to her.


21st birthday gift ideas for her-watches

Watches will be another good option for you to give as 21st birthday gifts for girlfriend. Go to any online shop and explore the women watches, select the best according to your budget and give her. I’m telling you this will be good and memorable gift for your girlfriend because each and every second you will be closer to your heart.

Birthday Girl printed T-shirts:

21st birthday gift ideas for her-tees

Now days this is another popular gift for girlfriend/wife. This will be a cool option to gift her as birthday presents. She will definitely going to like this cool gift. One another good thing is here on these T-shirts that it comes printed with different numeric values. For example if you are looking for 21st birthday gift for wife then 21 will be printed on the back side of this T-shirt. On the front side there will some texts such as ” Birthday Girl”.


21st birthday gift ideas for her-bracelet

If your girlfriend/wife likes to wear bracelet then why not you are gifting her? Don’t think extra just give her a good bracelet to her on 21st birthday. This will be really a cool, perfect and cheap birthday gift idea for her.

Make-Up Kit:

21st birthday gift ideas for her-cosmetic boxes

On every party all girls loves the make-up so this will be another good option for you. Shany glamour girls make-up kit will be good choice because in the age of 21 every girls wants to looks pretty. So this birthday gift will be more exciting for her.

Fashion Crown Ring:

21st birthday gift ideas for her-crown

When I was exploring the things then I found this gift idea for her. This is really most attractive birthday gift for your pretty girlfriend/wife. This is a beautiful ring comes in the shape of crown that looks perfect in the soft hand. If you really want to get close to her then gift it on her birthday my dear. If you are not have enough budget to buy a precious gift for her then it comes around 2$.

Perfume Gift set:

21st birthday gift ideas for her-pefumes

 So whenever she comes closer to you then you definitely try to feel her perfume smell. Hmm !! Why you are thinking around the thing the best option is here that you feel every time. Just gift her a good fragrance perfume set. Even this will be your choice because you definitely given any compliment about the fragrance before. Just gift her a good fragrance perfume set according to your choice dear.

Message in a Jar:

21st birthday gift ideas for her-message i jar

Yeah !! Cool idea for her birthday. This will be most romantic gift ideas for girlfriend birthday dear. This will be handmade gift for 21st birthday. Here you need to take a good shaped Jar and write your romantic message on a paper, put it inside the jar and decorate it with roses and other craft stuff. Now your gift is ready for her. Greeting cards was a old way to give any romantic message to her try this new unique gift idea for her birthday.


Final Words:

Guys Thanks for reading these “21st birthday gift ideas for her” and I’m sure about you are satisfied up to remarkable level. If you still have some cool birthday gift ideas for girlfriend then please share with us. Here we are trying to resolve the difficulty while choosing best gift ideas for different occasion. Your single idea can help others. Just comment below and in the next article we will include your gift ideas here.


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