101+ Most Funny Wi-Fi Names Ever

Its 21st century and everyone addicted to internet, either he/she she is child or an older person. Wi-Fi connection maintain their own popularity in this crowdies scenario because of its speed and data plans. Even you do not need to download any software like PC suit and spend lots of time in connecting through wires. You also get freedom to stick at single place because of cable connection. Mobile hotspots and virtual Wi-Fi creating software’s is yet another source to make it trending. Even you will use internet via mobile in weak network area, just put your smartphone somewhere on top and enable hotspot to enjoy trouble free internet speed.

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Not only for sharing internet connection but you can also share huge files from mobile to mobile or mobile to PC or PC to PC or PC to mobile at faster speed. If you are one of them who love to play any game with friends, with the help of Wi-Fi, you have freedom to do this as well. Funny Wi-Fi names are trending search on internet nowadays and it should be because it makes others smile.

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You can edit your mobile hotspot name with any funny Wi-Fi name so that others who are looking for Wi-Fi can laugh for a minute and here I am to help you regarding this. I have collections of 100 plus funny WiFi names which you can use anytime to make laugh others. You can use these as your Wi-Fi password as well so that at the time of sharing with others can create a laughing moments.

Funny Wi Fi Network names

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101 Funny Wifi Names

  1. Bhikhari
  2. Harami
  3. Hacker
  4. Bloody
  5. Your kids get off my lawn
  6. Your computer is about to hack
  7. Don’t connect
  8. Fokatiya
  9. I am cheating on my Wi-Fi
  10. Help, I trapped in a router
  11. Protected cex
  12. Kela Le Le
  13. Muh me Le Le
  14. Click here to inject virus
  15. Don’t touch me
  16. A van down by river
  17. FBI surveillance
  18. Hat BC!!
  19. WTF!!
  20. Pandu


Funny Wifi Network Names

  1. Error in connecting
  2. 1GB/Second
  3. 100MBps network
  4. Airtel hacked
  5. I’m under your bed
  6. Wi-Fi connection failed
  7. Error in connecting this network
  8. Ja BC Ja
  9. Sab fokat me chahiye
  10. Papa ko bol Wi-Fi ke liye
  11. Click here to disconnect
  12. Hacking your computer
  13. No device found
  14. Don’t click
  15. 2 girls 1 router
  16. No network found
  17. Funny Wi-Fi names
  18. Open network
  19. Feel like flying
  20. Click here to donate $800

Creative Wifi Names

  1. Call me for password
  2. If you are sexy girl, chat me @9407514XXXX
  3. This is not free either
  4. I have seen you necked
  5. Ouch! Sat on my nuts
  6. Searching for device
  7. My internet faster than yours
  8. Get you own damn internet connection
  9. Kab take free chalayega
  10. Apna lagwa le
Clever Wifi Names
  1. Virus distribution centre
  2. Click here to Pay
  3. Please connect for identity theft
  4. You can’t see me
  5. Learn cracking
  6. Get out of here
  7. Funny Wi-Fi network name
  8. Can you call me?
  9. You are under arrest
  10. Send me your pic. Bitch!!
  11. All your bandwidth belongs to me
  12. Wi believe in Fi
  13. Ja re
  14. Aree ho ja re-gender
  15. Kabhi aao hamare banglow pe.
Cool Wifi Names
  1. Silence please
  2. Look ma, no wires?
  3. Silence of the lan
  4. Series of tubes
  5. Fetching your IP
  6. Fir se aa gya?
  7. I am the internet
  8. It burns when IP
  9. Lan of milk and honey
  10. The promised lan
  11. Nikal le idhar se
  12. Foot ja!!
  13. Ghantaaa lega?
  14. MMLL
  15. Had hoti hai BC!!
Good Wifi Names
  1. So ja bhai
  2. Keep it on download
  3. Unprotected Cex
  4. Don’t touch my daughter
  5. Osama Bin Laden
  6. Loading
  7. If you smell
  8. Hey don’t connect here
  9. Free Cex
  10. Hat ja Bitch!!
  11. Password nahi hai
  12. Kya karega Bhai?
  13. I can see you blustered
  14. Ask Siri for password
  15. 99% completed
Best Wifi Names
  1. Are you mad?
  2. Hang on
  3. Free hat
  4. Role play cex
  5. First time cex
  6. Are you virgin?
  7. Outdoor cex
  8. Break the bed cex
  9. First time cex
  10. Net gear
  11. Who the hell are you
  12. Why should you connecting?
  13. Porn banned in your country
  14. Sorry for loud cex
  15. Burger OFF
Funniest Wifi Names
  1. Unsecured connections
  2. You are noob
  3. Connecting
  4. Connection lost
  5. Unable to connect
  6. Stay off my router
  7. Are you my neighbour, Get out please?
  8. Connection is about to lost
  9. One does not simply connect to wifi
  10. Funded by Government
  11. Free internet connection scheme
  12. Established by Digital India
  13. Ask for password
  14. Ask your dad for password
  15. Your wifi is in another castle
  16. Turn OFF your device to connect
  17. So Ja bhai
  18. Why you are wasting your time?
  19. Quit stealing my paer
  20. Pocket rocket

Funny Wi-Fi network names

  1. Undercover police car
  2. Call me maybe
  3. Slow wifi
  4. Tell my wifi lover
  5. Optimus prime
  6. WEP2 Secured
  7. Dangerous zone
  8. Nsa net secure
  9. Sour patch kids
  10. Clever Wi-Fi names
  11. Great Wifi Names

Great Wifi Names

  1. Virus network
  2. 99% Hacked
  3. Hidden network
  4. Malware found
  5. Virus detected dot use
  6. Pay me
  7. Danger Zone
  8. Hacking on progress
  9. Use at your own risk
  10. Your Facebook is hacked
  11. Send me your number
  12. Call to 100
  13. Call now
  14. Your device may cause harm
  15. Use at your own risk
  16. Stealing information
  17. Blogger inside
  18. Blogging in Blood
  19. Watch XXX
  20. Look at your face!!



Now it’s time to come on final verdict, so these are some funny wifi names which I have presented for you. I hope this article amused you, get any of these funniest wifi name and use it on your device to make others smile. Stay tuned with this article because every time we are updated with most funny wifi names for mobile hotspot and router, so get in touch. If you have any funnier Wi-Fi name in your mind, please share it in comment box below so that I can include it in next update. Thanks for visiting this article. Keep Visiting & Keep Sharing!!

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