Corporate gifts: Personalized Gift Ideas for Employee’s Birthday

Employee’s birthday gift ideas: Perfect, so today I am back with an important and amazing article of corporate gift ideas. Why I am telling that this is an important article because many of times it asked in various forums and other places like Yahoo answer, Quora etc. that “What gifts should be presented on Employee’s birthday?” and unfortunately I did not found any satisfactory answer. So I decided to come with this article about Birthday gift ideas for Employee’s where I can include all valuable gift ideas that make your task easier. Your employee is work for you and this is your responsibility to make him/her happy by which your output increases. If your employee’s will be happy then definitely your productivity will increase and once he/she unhappy, they will not give his/her 100% in the work. So quite straight way is always give your employee’s what they wants and make your profit double.

When it comes to your employee’s birthday, then you must have to pay extra care about his/her happiness because that is the moment which he/she going to share with their friends and relatives. If you did something special for him/her then it increase your organisation popularity among others and that is the goal what you want.

Choosing a perfect gifts for employee’s birthday is not an easy task because you must have to take care many things before going to decide the birthday gift for him/her. You must know with the behavior of your employee along with what he/she love more. If you found the interest then your task become easy. If you have the resume of your employee then this will become easier to find his/her interest, once you found now you have to execute. I would personally recommend you to pick a friend of the birthday buddy and ask for suggestion about the party. His/her friend/colleague will be more familiar about his/her nature and interest. Please also read my previous article about Farewell gift ideas for coworkers.

I know this process is tough for you so here I am going to provide you some corporate related birthday gift ideas for employee’s that make your task easier.



Popular gift ideas for employee’s birthday


Wooden Candy Box:

employee birthday gifts

If you really want to make your employee happy then you must have to come up from a Gift Card or other gifts. Wooden candy box will a best option for employee’s birthday gift. Every youngster get attracted towards chocolates because in college life a guy mostly present sweet chocolate to his girlfriend. So this wooden candy box will match with the same. If your employee is a lady then this birthday gift will also fit for her.

Give Handmade, Personal Gifts From Etsy:

personalized gifts

Personalized gifts always impactful ideas that make the birthday buddy happy. If it comes to me then I would love to start finding a lovely handmade gift for my employee before 10 days on Esty. Why I am telling you for custom handmade gifts, because it put extra impact on your employee’s mind and heart. He/She feel more special once you go with handmade personalized gifts. So I recommend you to please visit  Esty before 10 days (because it takes time for delivery) and choose a perfect handmade birthday gift for your employee.




If your pocket is tight enough then this will be a perfect birthday gift that you should give on your employee birthday. iPhone has amazing craze among youngsters, if you will fulfill this then I am pretty sure that you will get double output from his/her work. iPhone is most lovely and popular electronic gadget that everyone love to have. You can get any cheaper iPhone like iPhone-4S or iPhone-5S which will be ranging between $270 to $430.

Personalized Birthday gift ideas for Employee’s

Customized iPad Case:


In 21st century all people are mad about tech gadgets so why not you should also contribute to your employee interest. Custom iPad case will be another good option is there that can be used as employee’s birthday gifts. If your employee having an iPad then this will be a perfect choice. There is another benefit for you, just customized it in nice way. I would personally recommend you to customize it beautifully and place your company logo back side of it. This will be another great way to promote your company, help you to collect more popularity among their friends and relatives.


Personalized Branded Pen:


If we are talking about a cheap and best gift ideas for employee’s birthday then we cannot eliminate it from our gifts list. Go with a branded pen with customize it with your company logo over there. This will another best way to advertise your brand among other peoples. I only say you that, don’t think much and go with this if you are searching for cheap birthday gift ideas for worker/employee’s.


Noise cancelling headphones:


This is quite sure that you worker definitely fond of music. So a noise cancelling earphone or headphone would be a perfect birthday gift for him/her. Believe me dear, you will became most lovingly boss in the eye of your employee’s. So choose a best quality noise cancelling advance funky headphone for your employee birthday. I think this will be cost around from $70 to $100 for a good quality headphone. For publicity purpose you can also customize this cool and rocking birthday gift with your company logo..


Customized wall clock:


Customize wall clock would be another perfect employee’s birthday gift that will be loved by everyone. A clock is quite useful stuff for an office guy so go with any lovely wall clock and place your company logo inside this. Make sure that your company name is visible properly as well as it looks beautiful.


Personalized Pendrive:


Pendrives are quite useful electronic gadget nowadays for data transfer. You can also put this in your birthday gifts list for employees. Just buy a high speed USB 3.0 fast data transfer pendrive for your worker. Now put your company logo over there for promotion purpose.


I hope I am quite cleared about what you should give on the birthday of your employees. You should choose a gift that will give 2 times more profit than what your are investing. I think for that personalized gift ideas would be better option because this will also make your popularity among their neighbors , friends, family and relatives. So choose last few option for your employees birthday. Do you really think that I have missed something that must be included in this birthday gift ideas for employees then you can ping me in comment box. I will add your gift ideas in this employees birthday gift ideas list. You suggestion will be warm welcome here. Waiting for your suggestion in comment box below this gift ideas article.

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