12 Cheapest Wedding Flowers Ideas to Save Money

Cheap wedding flowers ideas: No one can image a wedding ceremony without stunning flowers. Flowers adds an extra impact on your wedding party that everyone love. Flowers spread piece to the eyes of all your guests and members present at the wedding ceremony. With the collaboration of your guest you can decorate the wedding places more beautiful and attractive. BUT, this is not an easy task to create the wedding theme stunning and outstanding because for that your pocket must tight enough as well as you should have a clear cut ideas for your wedding theme.

Wedding ceremony gives a perfect chance to show the beauty of flowers in new and interesting ways. Here your creativity play an important role to decorate the wedding place beautifully.  When you think about Eco-friendly wedding flowers, you might imagine a bouquet of cut wildflowers… BUT… In real there are hell lot of the ways by which you can make it green on your style, season and budget of flowers.

Flowers can add great beauty to your big wedding ceremony but it also increases your expanses. You need at least $10,000  for bride’s bouquet, the bridemaid’s bouquet, boutonnieres, various corsages, flower girl peddles, pew decoration, reception décor, cake decoration, altar arrangement etc.


After reading this article you can reduce your expanses  up to great extent on flowers decoration. You are definitely like this 12 stunning wedding flowers ideas.

cheapest wedding flowers

12 ways to save your money on wedding flowers


1) Move the flowers from the Ceremony to the Reception:

If you really want to save the money on wedding flowers then move your flowers from ceremony to the reception. This a really a great way to save your money. You can manage  the person who was in charge of this task had no problem grabbing the altar flower display, taking it to the reception, and giving it to the wedding planner who got it inside the reception hall before anyone entered.


2) Get cheaper flowers:

Cheaper flowers doesn’t meant that, these are not beautiful. Each and every flower is beautiful. Carnations are the cheapest but best flowers that you can get for wedding party. Gerber daisies are also cheaper flowers than others. If you really don’t like these then you can use them for something like, alter bouquet. For other purposes like bride’s bouquet you can buy more expensive flowers.


3) Re-purpose the Bridal bouquet:

You can use the receptions flowers for wedding centerpieces ideas or for cake table decoration purpose because your bridesmaid’s won’t have any need for their flower bouquet.


4) Share Flowers:

Here is another perfect cheap wedding flowers ideas that can save your money up to good amount. What you need to do is, just inquire if there is any other wedding ceremony taking place at your ceremony venue, you can contact the other bride and groom to see if they would like to the same flowers. If yes then group buy can save good amount.


5) Go Green:

Here is another perfect wedding flowers idea to save your money. You can increase the density of beautiful leaves to save the flowers. Leaves can be just as stunning bouquet if you create one from fall branches- they are much cheaper also.


Ways to save money on wedding flowers


6) Don’t be picky:

If you can compromise a little, you can save huge money on your wedding flowers. Look for stunning but cheap flowers for wedding ceremony instead of costly/expensive one. First tell your budget to tour florist and see what kind of flowers she propose to you and be open to suggestion.


7) Buy your wedding flowers Online:

If you buy the wedding flowers from online stores, I’m pretty sure that you can save some amount. Wholesaler price is cheaper than your local florist. But here you have to trim the flowers, arrange them and care of them by yourself.


8) Choose the Garden as Wedding venue:

If your wedding venue is a garden then you no need to spend huge amount on flowers decoration. You can order some stunning flowers from online shopping sites and arrange them in beautiful way at various places. This will be a perfect cheap wedding flowers idea to save money.


9) Choose Christmas or Ester as Wedding dates:

You will get already a well decorated and stunning venue on Christmas and Ester. You do not need to put huge money in flowers decoration if you have the wedding on Christmas and Ester. Take advantage of that fact by setting your wedding date during the Christmas or Ester session.


 10) Use flowers from your garden itself:

If you are having your own garden then find beautiful flowers from there only. Your own garden flowers can rock you wedding flowers party. If you don’t have any flowers then you can plant them before the wedding at the time of scheduling of wedding date.


11) Borrow Silky Flowers:

If you know someone who having silk flowers, borrow from them if they are ready to give you. If they will let you borrow the flowers, you can save good money by this.


12) Choose In-season flowers:

Just like with your wedding food, using flowers that are in-season can save you a lot of money. For example, tulips are beautiful, but they are winter/early spring flowers. If you are able to find them during their off-season, the price could be as much as 5 times the cost during their in-season.



I hope you got good ideas about how to save money from wedding flowers decoration. Use these methods to save money. If it come to me then I would rather go to shift the wedding ceremony at time of Christmas or Ester because it will save expenses without much sacrifice. At the time of Christmas or Ester we will get a ready made decorated venue for wedding which save lot’s of money in venue decoration. Apart from that go through online order in bulk, if someone also interested in same flowers. I hope you are cleared enough and also loved this article. Please comment your views and ideas also to help others. Thank you so much for reading this article. Comment your suggestion in comment box given below. Good luck!! Happy wedding!!

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