10 Cheapest Wedding Gift Ideas Which Couple Will Never Forget

A wedding is one of the biggest occasions of your dear one’s life. It is a big occasion for bride and groom’s family too. In Indian culture it goes on for many days. There are a lots of different events and ceremonies. Guests are very crucial in the events too. People get too confused when it comes to gifting some a gift on their wedding. If you are among those confused people then you are at the right place to end your confusion. Today we will suggest you 10 wedding gift ideas which will end your confusion about what you want to gift someone on their wedding.

Cheap Wedding Gift ideas for Copules

1) Personalized Framed Map:


If you are looking for some different kind of wedding gift ideas for couples then this should be in your wedding gifts list. Because now both the couple will start a new life and this wedding gift ideas also indicate the love as well as map for his/her life.

What is this gift about? :- A personalized frame printed with a map about the places where the wedding couple first met, place where they proposed each other and  the place where they got engaged.

Benefits of this gift: – This will be a really good idea if you are a close friend or relative of the couple and they will appreciate your efforts and this will remain in their hearts for really long time.​

Cost? : – You can personalize such frames from any of the craft stores near by your home at 600 Indian rupees.


2) A wall hanging with their photo framed in it:


What is this gift about? A picture of the wedding couple framed in a glass frame.

Benefits of this wedding gift: – This isn’t a common gift idea, the couple will really like it and whenever you will visit the wedding couple’s home you will find this frame in their residence.
Cost? :- You can buy a personalized photo frame at 500 Rupees.


3) A set of Crockery:


What is this gift about? : – This includes cup sets, dinner sets and other home used crockery item.

Benefits of this wedding gift: – This isn’t a common wedding gift but this will be really useful gift for the newly wedded couple because they can you this in their daily life.

Cost? : – You can buy a branded set of crockery from a supermarket or a mall.

4) A personalized key chain:


What is this gift about? – A personalized key chain which has something related about the wedding couple printed on it.

Benefits of this gift for wedding: – Personalized Key Chains are really cute and they will find it useful as they can use it in their daily life.

How much it Cost?

Usually you can buy Key Chains at a cheap price but a personalized key chain for a couple will be a bit expensive. You can buy personalized key chains at 300 Indian rupees in any of the nearby gift shops.
5) Cooking books written by famous cooks:


What is this gift about? : –

A book full of various cooking recipes written by famous cooks.

Benefits of this wedding gift: – If the groom likes cooking or if the couple is a big foodie then this will be really useful and a cute gift for them.

How Much it Cost to You? : –

You can buy such books at 300 Indian Rupees from nearby book stores.

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6) Flower pots:


What is this gift about?

A creative flower pot with some beautifully grown flowers in it.

Benefits of this gift?

Well before any such thoughts strike your mind “Flower Pot as a gift on someone’s wedding?” Yes! Nowadays people are gifting flower pots as gifts and if the couple loves the nature then this is one of the best wedding gift ideas and this gift is good for nature too.

Price of this wedding gift:

You can buy such flower pots at 400 Indian rupees in organic stores.

7) A handwritten GOOD LUCK card:


What is this gift about?

A handwritten card in which you can write a letter and a BEST OF LUCK message.

Benefits of this gift?

Couple will appreciate that you took some time and wrote and letter and they will feel good after reading your letter.

Cost of this wedding gift?

You can creative cards and decorating stuff with 200 Indian Rupees from craft shop which is nearby your home.

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8) A complete tour package of a beautiful village:


What is this gift about?

A tour package to a village which includes transport, hotel and other charges of a small tour to a village.


Benefits of this gift?

This is a good idea if the couple is really close to you and they will enjoy spending time alone in a peaceful village.

How much this wedding gift cost you?

This can be a little expensive. You can contact some tour managers and it will cost around 15,000 to 20,000 Indian Rupees.


9) A home pet:


What is this gift about?

A pet like dog, cat or a rabbit.

Benefits of this wedding gift?

If the couple is an animal lover then they will love this gift and everyday when they will take care of the pet or play with the pet they will think about you.

How much it cost you?

You can buy a pet from nearby pet shop with 1,000 to 5,000 Indian rupees

10) A shopping voucher:


What is this gift about?

A shopping gift voucher of any supermarket or any online shopping site.

Benefits of this gift?

Giving cash is now old fashioned and if you really don’t know what to gift then this is the best idea. The couple can buy anything they like from these shopping vouchers.

Cost of this wedding gift?

You can buy these vouchers with 1,000 to 5,000 Indian Rupees.

I hope you have cleared with these wedding gift ideas for couple and these wedding gift ideas will really cheap and unique. If you also have some ideas then please let us inform in comment section. Your suggestion will help you to others. Thanks!

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