Boyfriend birthday gift ideas: 7+ Best Birthday Presents Guide

So it’s  birthday of your lover right? You are confused to what should I give the special birthday gift to your boyfriend/husband. No worry my dear because Today I’m going to discuss in this article about Unique birthday gift for boyfriend. First let me clear about the age of your boyfriend, is it about 21-25 years? Yes !! So now you read this article because this article will be best as 21st birthday gift ideas for guy.

What is the birthday plan for guy? This is the most confusing question comes in mind. A birthday is a special day for everyone because this day give him/her a chance to feel, to enjoy, to live, to learn the human life. This is the day when your parents feels most amazing to see you. Now in every year this day they remember that moment and this day makes them happy.

When it comes to 21st birthday, it seems to be new journey of life and this is the time when a boy becomes a responsible Men and a girl becomes a responsible Woman. Now the guys turns to think about his career and you should also support him to become responsible. Now if you are going to choose a birthday gift for him then you should also consider some points in the mind.

birthday gift ideas for him

Birthday Gift ideas for boyfriend/husband


So today I’ll show you some special birthday gift ideas for 21st year guy. Here I’m listing some mind-boggling birthday ideas for him which will give you some relax to choose your birthday gift.

#1- Emergency Charging Power Bank:

boyfriend-birthday-gift-ideas-6  boyfriend-birthday-gift-ideas 6

Yes this is really cool and meaningful boyfriend birthday gift idea. This is 21 century dear now grow up and gift some useful things as birthday gift. One more advantage of this gift is , after this your boyfriend is never make any excuse while talking in night with you. Joke aside but really this is cool birthday gift idea for him.

#2- i-phone case cover:

boyfriend-birthday-gift-ideas-2          iphone case birthday gift for him

I think now days all youth are addicted to smartphone and maximum of them are blindly loves Apple i-phone. Why not you also support him to decorate his i-phone by lovely case cover. There is many cool i-phone case cover available on E-commerce websites. Choose any beautiful i-phone case cover as the 21st birthday gift for boyfriend and help him too.


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#3- Funny Eye mask:

boyfriend-birthday-gift-ideas-3       eye mask birthday gift

Yes!! In the age of 21st every guy a Bachelor student in any college and mostly of them are living in hostel. I’v seen the hostel lif dear and you too. There is no specific schedule for anyone, any time some are reading and some are sleeping. Now let’s us think that you are badly feeling sleeping and someone switch ON the tube-light to study, it’s most embarrassing thing happen dear. But you can’t do anything because the other one is studying. Eye mask will be the only option that are going to help you out. Why not you also gift a funny eye mask to your lover as his birthday gift. I’m sure he is going to love you so much dear. Just choose some Funny Eye Mask from any E-commerce site and gift him/her.

#4- Beautiful paperweight:

paperwight birthday gift ideas for bf

Yes this will be another best birthday gift idea for hubby/boyfriend. Because in college life we generally use our cellphone as paperweight. Now after your birthday gift he/she going to use it daily. There are many beautiful paperweight in many shapes and colours. Just choose any specific paper weight for you love dear. This will best most cheap birthday gift idea for him/her.



Hmm!! Already I told you that it’s 21st birthday of your lover and he is not a kid anymore. He can use the bottle opener for various purposes. So if you like it then go for Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener and gift him as little different gift.



When it comes to a guy then he definitely like some sweet candy. Why not you gift him a packet of best and sweet beans. Bacon Jelly Beans will be a good option of you would like to gift it to your boyfriend. He is young enough dear and he likes it better than other sweet .


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#7- Honey Lollipop:

boyfriend birthday gift idea-Honey Lollipop

You can also gift this to your lover as the birthday gift. He will definitely going to like your lollipop gift dear.

#8- Red Pop Cake:

red rose-pops-cake for boyfriend birthday

Better you know what you lover like ? If he love to eat pastry or ice-cream then gift him this lovely Red pop cake on his birthday.

#8- Scarf:


Your lover is now turns to 21st of age and he love the fashion. If you will also support him in his fashion then I’m sure that your relation will be much closer. If you don’t have huge money for birthday gift then fashionable Scarf will be cheap gift idea for husband/boyfriend. Now move to internet my dear and select a good looking scarf for your boyfriend from any online shopping site.

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