Top 13 Surprising Birthday Ideas for Boyfriend You Should Try

Birthday Ideas for Boyfriend

Birthday ideas for boyfriend:- When your boyfriend birthday rolls around, you might have no ideas where to start/ this is especially when money is tight and you are accustomed to a big bash for a man in your life. What if you can afford something that is expensive as in years past? You can make it work with a little ingenuity that shows him how much he means to you – even if you don’t have the finances to show it as much this year.

I know every girls like you always look for something special to make his boyfriend birthday special. Here I’m going to suggest you some special birthday ideas for boyfriend that can make him realize that how much you love him. There are many way to express your love and affection for your boyfriend without spending too much money. It was little tough for me to think about these boyfriend birthday ideas and expecting your love towards this.

When it comes about cute things to do for your boyfriend’s birthday then following birthday surprise/gifts ideas can be included in your list:

boyfriend birthday surprises ideas

Boyfriend Birthday Surprise Ideas

Write a Latter:


If you are looking for some cheap birthday ideas for boyfriend then this gift idea cannot be avoided. Again this looks little different kind of birthday wish idea that leads to get closer with your boyfriend.  Via latter you can realize him that how much he special in your life. Write about your feelings in details with neat and clean way, you can use some decorative sticker to look it more beautiful. You can mentioned some past memories and time spent with him and what you like most in him. Also include what you expect from him and other things. Seal this letter with a beautiful looking envelope and spray any romantic fragrances perfume that makes him more romantic before you handover it to him.

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Plan a Surprise Party:

surprise birthday party ideas for boyfriend

It’s pretty obvious from the title that you can plan out a surprise party for your boyfriend on his birthday. I know it is a most conventional birthday surprise idea, but it is just a reminder that you can also consider. If it is really very usual to you to call his friends and relatives to give him a surprise, then you can do any different thing. I have mentioned one idea just below it.


Call his friends over:

Yeah! This is another a best birthday surprise idea for boyfriend. It might be possible that he wants his birthday to be a quite affair, because he is grown up ultimately. He is young enough and obviously he love surprises, and when it comes to birthday surprises then obviously everyone like this. You can call his friends at your place but keep the things hidden. When your boyfriend enter in the door they suddenly start wishing his birthday with sweet voice “Happy Birthday To You” .

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Surprise at every moment:

If you are living together as live in relationship or if you are newly married then this birthday surprise ideas for you. This will take some effort on your brain. Begin the day of your boyfriend with surprises, and continue the whole day with surprises. You must need to plan about every steps for this. Wake him up in the bed early and give him a special gift. If he go to washroom then you can keep something he like most, this will be surprised moment for him. Let him find other gifts which are kept by you silently. You can keep it in his car or other places where he looks. One another thing you could do, put some sweet banner at his workplace.


Write a Poetry:

creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

If your guy love poetry then this will be another lovely birthday gift/surprise for your boyfriend. Recognize his choice and write a romantic poetry for him. I’m sure that this will be definitely going to win the whole credit. This will be little tricky or we can say tough task to write a poetry because it needs deep feeling inside your heart. But don’t worry you can do this. This need little deep imaginations about him. Let me give you a hint because if you can do this then there is no parallel alternative for this birthday ideas for boyfriend. First feel what you really think about him and what he likes in you. Think about some past memories which you spent with him and you cannot forget in your life. Gather some information about what’s his hobbies and also yours, group them together and make a sentence with good rhythm. What you want to do for him in future is another great way continue your poetry further more romantic. As I mentioned above that poetry is little tough tasks and everyone cannot do this but once you did, you will be special person over the birthday party place.

Do you like this birthday party idea for boyfriend? If yes, please leave a comment below because I personally love this birthday surprise idea badly.

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Plan to enjoy his favorite sport:

birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend long distance

Hmm! Your boyfriend is young enough and he definitely love to play sport. So why not you should also contribute to him and make him to feel special. This will be also a superb birthday gift idea for boyfriend. Just think that your guy love football and his birthday month is also in same season. Wow!! You are lucky dear. Just book two seats of any match of football and get him there. Just think how special he feel at that time? You can also book ticket for any cricket or basketball matches if your boyfriend love this.


Cook the Dinner:

21st birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

When it comes to boyfriend birthday surprise ideas then we cannot aside this. If Lunch is not possible then surprise you boyfriend with inviting on dinner on his birthday. Make any special dish of his choice and call him to come at your place. Let me one thing clear, you should cook his favorite dish by your hand only. Don’t order any ready made dish from market. Even you can cook simple dish this will far good from any Pizza or soda.


Give him memorable moment pictures:

Yes, this will be also a good option for you. You can gift him some special moment’s pictures such as, where did you meet first time? Where did he propose you? Where did you go for first date? Etc. Take the pictures of all those memorable moments, frame it in any beautiful frame and gift it on your boyfriend birthday. I assume that you have the collection of all those memorable pics, so now it’s time to use all those for birthday gift for boyfriend and touch his heart.

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Drop a Note:

It’s OK if you don’t have too much cooking skills or you can’t do poetry writing but you have one another option to give a surprise on birthday of your boyfriend. Drop a short note messages for him on his place or where he work. You need not to be good poet to write the short note for him. Just write some reason why you like him? How he different from others? What hobbies of your meet to him? Etc. Once he read this note obviously he will be surprised and feel special about you. So use this birthday surprise idea for boyfriend to come closer with his heart.


Make envelopes for 7 days:

If you are looking something different and meaningful birthday ideas for boyfriend then this idea should also be in your list. You need not to do something big or extraordinary just do some simple but special and meaningful thing. Sometimes smallest things mean the world to people. You can go with seven envelope design for your boyfriend birthday. Make a chain of seven envelope that should showing that week leading of his birthday. Put some lovely notes inside this. You can also keep some surprises in all seven envelope. You can put some romantic pictures, some lovingly snacks, a super romantic note inside the envelope.  If you guy love to watch any sports then keep the ticket of any match which are coming within next day.


Send romantic quotes:

We can also consider it for birthday gifts ideas for boyfriend. Collect some romantic quotes from anywhere write it on colorful paper and make some lovely clip arts over there. Pack it I any lovely envelope and give it to you boyfriend on his birthday. Before handover it you your boyfriend spray any romantic perfume inside the envelope.


Sing his favorite song over dinner:

cute things to do for your boyfriend's birthday

If you want to surprise your boyfriend in romantic way, then you can try this birthday surprise idea for him. If you love singing then this will be easy task for your but if you don’t sing then worry not, you can do this. Just build the courage to sing a dedicate song for him over your dinner place. If you are enjoying your dinner in bar then it’s good but you can do at your home also. If you have never sung in front of him then suddenly you did, this will be most surprising moment for him. Practice his favourite song before one week of his birthday and give him a surprise on the day.


Send Snail Mail:

You will find this boyfriend birthday ideas little funny or awkward but really this is a cool and cheap birthday presents ideas for boyfriend if you don’t have money. Most people does not using snail mail anymore because the postal mail is very slow as compared to other mode of communication. Nowadays people moving towards the modest mode such as internet or text messages and due to this none of people think about this and at the same time your method will look some differently. You will really enlighten his birthday by choosing this different kind of birthday idea.

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